Li Lin - Realtor

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My name is Li Lin, if it's hard to remember you can call me "WeWin"!

I've lived in Irvine for the past 7 years and love Orange County, from the people, to the food, to its natural beauty and great golf courses.

I'm an AirBnB Superhost, a landlady, and a realtor and my philosphy is "Make Your House Work For You."

I am originally from Shanghai, China where I saw real estate appreciation making many people rich over night. I am a fan of using your home to make yourself rich, not you working yourself to death to own a home.

I have done leases from international students to NFL athletes and have lived in Palm Springs and the San Francisco Bay area.

If you have any questions on renting, buying, selling, or investing, I am only a message away! Send me a quick message at or follow me on @WeWinHomes on Instagram and Tik Tok!